Faster Data-Driven Apps, Everywhere.

PolyScale solves global database latency and performance with intelligent serverless caching and compute at the edge.

Implement in minutes with your current database without writing code or managing infrastructure.

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Why PolyScale

Serverless Edge Cache For Databases

Low Latency

Lower Latency for Improved User Experience

Distributed just like a CDN, scale database read operations into regions closer to your users.


Performance & Scale

Serve queries 25X faster, scale to thousands of concurrent connections on terrabyte data sets.


Implement In Minutes

Connect your current database. No code development or servers to deploy.


AI Cache Management

Intelligent cache strategies to optimize data freshness with localized low latency, whatever your use case.


High Availability

Deploy to multiple GEO regions, manage traffic spikes and avoid downtime.


Secure & Compliant

All traffic over our networks is TLS encrypted and all cached data is optionally encrypted at rest.

Blazing fast database performance.

PolyScale distributes data and query compute closer to the user for consistent, single digit ms latencies, without writing code or deploying servers.

Serverless data agility.

Building with the Jamstack or migrating a monolith to microservices? Build global stateful apps faster with existing databases, ORMs and SQL queries. PolyScale dynamically distributes your data where your users need it most.

Deploy in minutes

No Code. No Complexity.

PolyScale works with your existing databases without any modifications and can be setup in minutes.

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    Connect PolyScale

    Route database traffic through PolyScale's closest PoP simply by updating the client connection string.

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    AI Managed Cache

    PolyScale continuously analyses every database query and optimises cache behavior accordingly.

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