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Ben Hagan

Ben is the Founder and Product Architect of PolyScale, focused on makes data-driven apps faster.

Announcing CDC Support for Global Cache Invalidations

We are pleased to announce the release of our global Change Data Capture (CDC) consumer architecture.

Announcing PolyScale.ai for MongoDB

Today, we are excited to announce PolyScale.ai support for MongoDB.

Run PolyScale.ai anywhere - in the cloud, on your laptop, or in your data center

Introducing self-hosted PolyScale.ai.

Amazon RDS - Reducing Costs and Increasing Performance with Serverless Database Caching

Using PolyScale to lower RDS costs and increase performance

Announcing Microsoft SQL Server with Connection Pooling

Today, we are excited to announce PolyScale.ai support for Microsoft SQL Server.

Data-driven Edge Functions With Netlify and PolyScale

Connecting Netlify's Edge Functions to PolyScale to accelerate database performance at the edge.

Polyscale announces GA and raises $2.2M to make scaling data to the edge simple.

(REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - Mar. 14, 2022) - Today we are excited to announce that we have raised $2.2M Series Seed lead by Brue2 Ventures, C3 Ventures and Secure Octane and announced General Availability of our database edge cache platform.

Announcing Smart Invalidation

We are excited to announce Smart Invalidation for automatic cache invalidation on data changes.

Announcing PolyScale PostgreSQL

Today, we are excited to announce public beta access for PolyScale PostgreSQL.

Announcing PolyScale, the global edge cache for databases

In this article, we discuss why we built Polyscale and explore the challenges of keeping data-driven applications fast, no matter the scale or geographical locations of the application users.