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Announcing Connection Pooling for Postgres Databases

We are pleased to announce the release of connection pooling for Postgres Databases.

One Hit Expectation

Calling attention to an interesting paper with small contribution.

Announcing CDC Support for Global Cache Invalidations

We are pleased to announce the release of our global Change Data Capture (CDC) consumer architecture.

Announcing PolyScale.ai for MongoDB

Today, we are excited to announce PolyScale.ai support for MongoDB.

PolyScale a Bigger Boat for Pgvector

A look at pgvector and how PolyScale can improve query performance.

PolyScale.ai Achieves Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB Designation

(REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - Aug. 29, 2023) - PolyScale.ai announced that it has successfully achieved Google Cloud Ready – AlloyDB designation for AlloyDB for PostgreSQL, Google Cloud's newest fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service, designed for the most demanding enterprise database workloads.

PolyScale.ai Achieves Google Cloud Ready - Cloud SQL Designation

(REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - Aug. 29, 2023) - PolyScale.ai announced that it has successfully achieved Google Cloud Ready – Cloud SQL designation for Cloud SQL, Google Cloud's fully managed relational database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server.

Using Cloudflare Workers With SQL Databases

Comparing different ways that Cloudflare Workers can connect to SQL databases, with a specific focus on Postgres.

Approaching Cache Invalidation with PolyScale.ai

A deep dive into the complexities of cache invalidation and how PolyScale.ai approaches these problems.

Database Caching for Cloudflare Workers with PolyScale.ai Serverless

Connect Cloudflare Workers to a database using a PolyScale.ai cache.

Database Caching for AWS RDS with PolyScale.ai, ECS and Fargate

A walkthrough of setting up Self Hosted PolyScale to provide caching for AWS RDS

Run PolyScale.ai anywhere - in the cloud, on your laptop, or in your data center

Introducing self-hosted PolyScale.ai.

Announcing PolyScale.ai on Netlify

We are pleased to announce that PolyScale.ai is now available as a Netlify integration.

Accelerating Tableau-to-Database Performance with PolyScale

Tim Shea, CEO of Latticework Insights, explains how PolyScale improves Tableau workbook performance

Announcing PolyScale on Fly.io

We are pleased to announce support for PolyScale.ai across the Fly.io network

Supercharging Postgres on Neon with PolyScale

How to use PolyScale to reduce global latency on Neon Postgres databases.

Exploring Global Database Latency

Accessing a database from multiple locations introduces latency. This post helps explore the amount of latency from different locations.

Amazon RDS - Reducing Costs and Increasing Performance with Serverless Database Caching

Using PolyScale to lower RDS costs and increase performance

Database Edge Caching With Deno Deploy

PolyScale solves the challenge of bringing your database data to Deno Deploy edge functions.

Announcing Microsoft SQL Server with Connection Pooling

Today, we are excited to announce PolyScale.ai support for Microsoft SQL Server.

Announcing Network and SQL Connectivity Tests

We are excited to announce two new connectivity test tools to make connecting to PolyScale easier.

PolyScale Metrics with ClickHouse Materialized Views

The PolyScale Observability Interface visualizes and summarizes statistics on query traffic, cache performance, and database performance. Those statistics are based on a massive amount of metrics data. Accessing that data efficiently is achieved with the use of ClickHouse materialized views.

Scaling Data-driven Microservices Globally with AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda makes it easy to put your functions close to your users. PolyScale makes it easy to bring your data too.

BaseLang - Online Education Booking

How Baselang scaled their online booking application for high concurrency whilst lowering database costs by 75%.

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Database Read Replicas vs PolyScale Database Edge Caching

Comparing the pros and cons of read replicatas vs PolyScale intelligent edge caching.

Data-driven Edge Functions With Netlify and PolyScale

Connecting Netlify's Edge Functions to PolyScale to accelerate database performance at the edge.

Connecting to PolyScale with JetBrains DataGrip

In this post we show how to connect to MySQL and PostgreSQL databases with JetBrains DataGrip.

Polyscale announces GA and raises $2.2M to make scaling data to the edge simple.

(REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - Mar. 14, 2022) - Today we are excited to announce that we have raised $2.2M Series Seed lead by Brue2 Ventures, C3 Ventures and Secure Octane and announced General Availability of our database edge cache platform.

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Announcing Smart Invalidation

We are excited to announce Smart Invalidation for automatic cache invalidation on data changes.

Scaling a Data-driven Next.JS and Prisma App Globally With Polyscale

A real world example web application powered by Next.JS, Prisma, backed by a Postgres database and deployed to Heroku.

PolyScale Database Observability Walkthrough

PolyScale caching improves user experiences by reducing latency and improves data throughput by reducing database server loads. In addition, through its Observability interface, PolyScale improves developer’s situational awareness. Awareness of the structure of the database load, and how the cache is performing.

Announcing PolyScale PostgreSQL

Today, we are excited to announce public beta access for PolyScale PostgreSQL.

PolyScale AI - Closing the Configuration Loop

In this article the details of how PolyScale's cache is configured are described. The parameters of this configuration are then mapped to the KPIs of cache performance using a simple but powerful statistical model.

Announcing PolyScale, the global edge cache for databases

In this article, we discuss why we built Polyscale and explore the challenges of keeping data-driven applications fast, no matter the scale or geographical locations of the application users.