Announcing Microsoft SQL Server with Connection Pooling

Ben Hagan
Oct 18, 2022

Today, we are excited to announce support for Microsoft SQL Server. This allows Microsoft SQL Server applications to easily cache data globally at the edge, making queries execute faster, increasing concurrency and eliminating network latency.

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PolyScale is an intelligent, serverless database edge cache. Using PolyScale, you can distribute your database compute and storage globally, dramatically lowering latency for data-driven applications. Delight users of data-driven apps, everywhere.


SQL Server with PolyScale provides the following benefits:

  • Dramatically improve the user experience for data-driven apps, locally or globally:
    • Faster queries - execute any cached SQL query in < 1ms at scale
    • Lower network latency - PolyScale will cache and execute queries locally from multi-region and distributed applications
  • Reduce database costs - offset reads to PolyScale, reducing database and read-replica costs. Downsize cloud compute instances utilizing PolyScale’s serverless architecture for autoscaling.
  • Solve data distribution problems - PolyScale automatically caches data based on location demand. No complex sharding or partitioning required.
  • Connection Pooling - scale TCP connections and lower connection latency.

Inbuilt Connection Pooling

PolyScale for SQL Server supports in-built connection pooling. Designed for use with serverless applications (such as Azure Functions), Connection Pooling allows applications to scale TCP connections far beyond the origin database connection limit. TCP connection latency is also dramatically reduced due to PolyScale’s global edge network. Read more about Connection Pooling here.

Serverless SaaS or Self-Hosted

You can connect client applications to PolyScale in minutes without writing code or deploying servers. Scale your MS SQL Server instance to the edge with zero DevOps or developer overhead using PolyScale’s edge cache SaaS platform.

For stricter compliance and regulatory requirements, self-host PolyScale’s edge nodes inside your architecture so that cached data never leaves your private network. Host with Docker or Kubernetes. Contact us to learn more.

Azure Points of Presence

PolyScales SaaS offers Points of Presence across Azure, AWS, DigitalOcean and GCP. Our hosted edge network continues to grow based on demand. If you require a cloud provider/region combination that is not listed, please let us know. We can deploy new Points-of-Presence in a few hours.

Free Plan & Next Steps

PolyScale offers an always-free plan to get started and a Serverless tier for on-demand, pay-as-you-go usage. Enterprise plans offer volume discounts as well as custom Support and Hosting offerings. Contact us for a personalized demo and technical discussion on how PolyScale can dramatically increase your SQL Server performance.

Written by

Ben Hagan