Announcing for MongoDB

Ben Hagan
Oct 02, 2023

Today, we are excited to announce that now supports MongoDB for database acceleration. This allows MongoDB applications to easily cache data either locally or globally at the edge, for faster query performance, reduced database workloads, increasing concurrency and lower network latency.

PolyScale MongoDB logos is a high performance Data Delivery Network (DDN) that accelerates databases. Using smart caching, it improves query performance, lowers latency and makes data access and scale engineering a breeze, both on premise and at the edge.

The 2023 StackOverflow Survey most popular technologies category voted MongoDB as the fourth most popular database across all respondents. With the addition of MongoDB, PolyScale now supports 5 of the top 10 databases:

stackoverflow 2023 popular databases

“MongoDB is used by a similar percentage of both Professional Developers and those learning to code and it’s the second most popular database for those learning to code (behind MySQL).”

As we continue to expand database coverage, the release of MongoDB marks an important milestone in that it is the first NoSQL database to be supported by PolyScale. As with all other databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL and MariaDB), PolyScale is wire-protocol compatible requiring no code changes, extra libraries to install or any configuration.

PolyScale can be added to a MongoDB instance in minutes.

PolyScale for MongoDB has been designed from the ground up to fully support Atlas, as well as self hosted clusters from v5.0 upwards.

PolyScale for MongoDB can be used via PolyScale Serverless - a fully managed serverless edge network, or self hosted for private environments.

The addition of to any MongoDB cluster provides the following benefits:

  • Increased Query Performance - Guaranteed millisecond query execution times with massive concurrency on multi-terabyte data sets.
  • Infrastructure Resource savings - save up to 80% on database resources by offsetting reads to PolyScale. PolyScale accelerates database traffic across the entire application and hence can make significant reductions in resource requirements.
  • Lower Network Latency - PolyScale provides an ever expanding global edge network spanning all major cloud providers including GCP, AWS, Azure, DO and Fly. Alternatively, deploy PolyScale inside of your VPC across one or more locations.
  • Unified Edge Data Access - Access MongoDB data at the edge using both native TCP or HTTP.

PolyScale for MongoDB is available today as an alpha release.

Next Steps

PolyScale is fully autonomous and can be added to an existing MongoDB database in a few minutes with a simple connection string change. Read how to get connected here and read more about the alpha release in the documentation here.

Written by

Ben Hagan