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Sam Aybar
Mar 02, 2023

Today we are pleased to announce support for across the network. Using PolyScale, users can now automatically cache database data locally to any of the Fly regions, for low-latency data access.

polyscale fly io header is a serverless, plug-and-play database cache. It dramatically accelerates database read performance, lowers network latency and reduces database infrastructure costs. PolyScale is plug-and-play requiring no code to implement, and zero configuration or tuning. It can be implemented in minutes with a simple configuration change. PolyScale offers a global edge network SaaS platform as well as a self hosted option.

Faster Data-driven Apps

PolyScale caching can be used to significantly accelerate data-driven application performance both for single and multi-region apps. Once connected PolyScale will intelligently cache repetitive queries within the same Fly region as the requesting application and hence upon a cache hit, queries will be executed sub-millisecond, no matter the query complexity.

Any Database Type, Any Database Vendor

With PolyScale on, Fly applications can now utilize any database hosting providers that may not be geographically close to a Fly region. This provides Fly users with cacheable data, unlimited choice for database hosting. This also enables user to migrate their application tier to Fly, without the overhead of a database migration.

Additionally, PolyScale supports several database types (including Postgres, MySQL, MariaDb and MS SQL Server), which means these can now be utilized within Fly for cacheable workloads.

Want to Try Polyscale Caching With

Sign up for a free account here (no credit card required). Or try out PolyScale without bringing your own database with our live interactive demo playground.

You can find instructions for configuring a Fly application to use a PolyScale cache at

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Sam Aybar