Polyscale announces GA and raises $2.2M to make scaling data to the edge simple.

Ben Hagan
Mar 28, 2022

(REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - Mar. 14, 2022) - Today we are excited to announce that we have raised $2.2M Series Seed led by Brue2 Ventures, C3 Ventures and Secure Octane and announced General Availability of our database edge cache platform.

PolyScale gives developers and architects immediate global caching for their databases, designed to meet the low latency and high concurrency demands of today’s data-intensive applications. It takes only a few minutes to connect an existing database and PolyScale automatically caches and serves database queries at the edge, closer to your users.

Our mission: Enable edge-first data, without cost and complexity.

Modern Data: Global and Serverless

Businesses of all sizes continue to experience exponential growth in data volumes. Data volumes bring data gravity, the tendency for a large body of data to attract applications, services and other data. Scaling and distributing data becomes increasingly burdensome, both complex and expensive.

Data is the backbone of many companies and as such is continuously scrutinized to meet demanding SLAs as well as low-latency user expectations. Outside the Enterprise, we regularly use data-intensive applications such as Uber, Instagram, and Amazon. These raise the bar inside the Enterprise. Multi-region accessibility, global low-latency usage, security, compliance, reliability and highly available are minimum requirements, all to be delivered at minimum cost. Meeting these expectations can stifle data agility.

A modern data architecture might involve a transactional database at its core. With change-data-capture (CDC) streams simultaneously feeding separate and independent data services for BI, Analytics, and Search. Imposing a holistic approach to data management, access, and performance becomes complicated.

PolyScale brings a new kind of data distribution and performance solution that focuses on these fundamental challenges and principles. A serverless, no-code, lightweight data edge cache that can be activated in minutes and requires zero effort to manage and scale globally.

Thinking Edge-first Data

Modern CDN (Cloudflare, Fastly, etc), Function as a Service (Netlify, Vercel, AWS Lambda, etc), and Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc) ecosystems provide multiple serverless compute options for deploying static content and business logic globally. Lightweight container orchestration (Fly.io, Section.io, etc) makes it simple to deploy entire applications to multiple regions. These platforms seamlessly integrate into Git-driven workflows relieving the burden of infrastructure from the Engineering and DevOps teams.

At PolyScale, we consider this workflow and default global deployment strategy to be “edge first thinking”. How can we delight all users with a low latency experience? Edge first thinking is a catalyst for agility and lightness as the response to high data gravity.

Edge-first thinking also spans polyglot persistence and not just those powering public-facing web applications. For example, consider a data warehouse that is being utilized by a Business Intelligence team for analytical purposes. As the access to that data expands to additional teams across multiple geographies, concurrency and latency become challenging, infrastructure costs increase and support teams are tasked to respond to performance inquiries. PolyScale solves these challenges at the edge, bringing low latency across regions, freeing up infrastructure and personnel.

Edge first thinking encourages enterprises to focus on the requirements of data consumers, with data scaling built into the architecture.

AI-driven Caching & Data Distribution

The complexities of what data to store where, and for how long is where PolyScale’s AI-driven cache comes into play. PolyScale intelligently distributes and caches database data at the edge, with no changes to your current database. The platform inspects and learns from each individual SQL query that passes through the network, optimizing cache efficiency dynamically in real-time.

We think this is an industry-changing paradigm. Caching dynamics are non-trivial, workloads are ever-changing and applications can easily support tens of thousands of unique queries. Relying on developers to optimize against this with simple static tooling is infeasible.

PolyScale’s AI continuously optimizes what to cache and for how long, as well as automatically detects data change statements with our Smart Invalidation technology that automatically invalidates the changed data from the cache globally.

General Availability & What’s Next?

This raise takes our total Series Seed funding to $3.4M. This round represents a continued commitment by our investors and founding team to execute and redefine how data is distributed and queried.

Today we open the platform for General Availability with support for MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL with our immediate roadmap adding support for several additional databases as well as core platform features for supporting serverless functions at scale.

We are also looking for people who are passionate about databases and data scaling as a whole. If you believe in abstracting hard problems from developers and if data at the edge excites you, join us!

PolyScale’s proposition is simple: if you utilize a database in the cloud, accelerate your data holistically.

PolyScale.ai - The Edge First Data Platform™

Written by

Ben Hagan