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Ben Hagan
Apr 25, 2023

Today, we are excited to announce Self Hosted - a downloadable edition of designed to run anywhere. This takes the same battle-tested and highly scalable technology that powers the Serverless edge network and makes it available to run anywhere.

polyscale ai self hosted landscape

Developers, CTO’s, and architects alike invest heavily in application performance and scaling. Maintaining high performance and low latency user experiences for data-intensive applications is complex and leads to significant cost across the enterprise. makes it incredibly easy and cost effective to scale your database - increasing query performance and throughput while lowering global latency in a matter of minutes.

Rethink Caching

From the inception of, developer experience has been at the forefront of the platform design, driving significant change in how caching is implemented, tested and run in production. Our raison d’etre is to enable an autonomous, plug-and-play database cache. That’s not the “plug-and-play” where you first have to change code or rewrite SQL queries… or build and deploy complex architecture… or manually identify which queries to cache… or guess at how long these should be cached for - the list goes on! delivers a truly end-to-end, fully automated global cache, simply with the change of a connection string. Complex database workloads see massive performance and scale gains in minutes. Literally.

The complexities of developing traditional caching solutions from scratch have been abstracted away entirely, leaving an elegant and succinct developer experience. This simplicity is enabled by the amalgamation of the following components:

  • Native database wire protocol compatibility - no client library or SQL query changes.
  • AI managed cache for advanced, fully autonomous caching and invalidation.
  • Serverless edge network for global low latency.

The reception for our Serverless platform has been overwhelmingly positive. Enterprises appreciate simply removing caching from their todo list, entirely. Taking the complex task of application and database scaling out of the typical sprint planning has huge benefits across the development lifecycle and broader organization, with regards to cost savings, feature development and general time to market.

Introducing Self Hosted

With the launch of Self Hosted, the aforementioned developer experience is extended to self-managed environments.

The Self Hosted product consists of a single downloadable component named the Private Cache Endpoint (PCE). The PCE can be downloaded and started in a single command, yielding a fully automated database cache engine. No configuration, no code to write.

The Private Cache Endpoint (PCE) can be downloaded and started in a single command, yielding a high performance, fully automated database cache engine. No configuration, no code to write.

The PCE communicates with regional and global control planes to manage what data to cache and how long to cache it for. The control planes also process multi-region invalidations, removing the overhead of this layer from the deployment.

polyscale self hosted architecture
Self-hosted connecting to the managed control plane.

Download and get setup in less than 2 minutes:

Plug and Play Compliance

Security and compliance are top of mind for all enterprises. Self-hosted puts you in control. The PCE caches data where it is deployed, maintaining compliance and security requirements inside of your VPC. is also distributed, often used to reduce geographic regional latency. PCE’s can be deployed in large numbers to support a full global edge network as required. This also provides flexibility to only cache data in the locations of choice.

All SQL that is saved and is accessible via the user interface for observability purposes is anonymised whereby all query parameters are removed. This ensures that PII data is protected and only stored inside of your chosen PCE locations i.e. inside of your network.

Getting Started

Are you ready to try self-hosted PolyScale? You can read about how to get setup in minutes in the documentation. You can also complete this signup form to arrange a demo.

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Ben Hagan