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The Edge First Data Platform


PolyScale.ai is a no-code, database edge cache service that distributes data and query compute, closer to the user.

Enable edge-first data, without cost and complexity.

Our Mission

Modern Data: Global & Serverless

PolyScale launched in 2020 to build a platform that makes scaling data systems globally, simple for Developers, DevOps and Architects alike.

We see a future where applications are global and serverless as default, driving the need for greater data agility and cost efficient solutions to data performance.

PolyScale.ai accelerates and scales database systems and enables edge applications by distributing data storage and compute closer to the user. Our AI-managed global cache provides low-latency, high concurrency data access, no matter the location or resources of the originating data.

Our Global Team

PolyScale is a remote-first company headquartered in San Francisco. We are a group of real-time data and distributed systems experts, passionate about application and developer experiences.

Our Investors

Backed by industry leaders

PolyScale is backed by investors and advisors who share our vision for low latency data, globally. Our investors include Brue2 Ventures, C3 Ventures, Saltwater Ventures, Rad Ventures and Secure Octane.

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