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4 April 2024

More than 3.5 years ago, I set out to build the world's first autonomous database cache, with the ability to maximize cache performance with zero code and configuration. Today, with that milestone reached, the integration is trivial, requiring only a simple config change to enable massive database scalability, increased performance, and lower infrastructure costs.

Today, I am excited to share that PolyScale.ai reached another critical milestone.

PolyScale has been acquired and is now part of a larger organization, details of which will be announced soon. This is a huge win for both customers and the product as we continue to innovate and maximize database performance, while minimizing complexity.

What's Next?

Today, the Serverless product provides instant database caching with no code and no servers to deploy. While this provides an idyllic deployment and development experience, it falls short in supporting enterprises with security and compliance mandates. For many, their data can simply never leave their VPC and hence, is a blocker to using the current service.

Over time, whilst the Serverless product has been well received, the economics of providing the service were not compelling. At the same time, larger customers have been very attracted to deploying PolyScale within their own private infrastructure.

To that end, we have made the decision to sunset the current Serverless product to focus on delivering a Self Hosted product for the Enterprise. The current Serverless product will close on June 1st 2024. For current customers, if this date proves to be problematic, please contact us to discuss regional extensions.

The Enterprise Self Hosted product is now in development, utilizing the same battle tested AI engine as used today for the Serverless product.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release and announcement of the new PolyScale family and brand.

Ben Hagan - Founder and CEO, PolyScale Inc.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the shutdown of our hosted service, or if you would like to be notified when our new self hosted offering is available, please contact us at support@polyscale.ai.