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AI-driven Database Cache

No fuss. Low latency. Connect apps to PolyScale in minutes and scale low latency database reads globally, without deploying servers or writing code.

No Code

Plug, then play.

Database wire-compatibility - No changes required to your current database.
Serverless, auto scaling to meet demands seamlessly.
No Code integration.
No sharding, transactionality or consistency worries.

Implement in minutes

Scale your current database without writing code or deploying servers. Simply update your database hostname to start utilizing PolyScale.


High Performance Cache

Low latency, high concurrency query execution at scale.

High performance query - execute any cached database query in ~1ms.

Unbounded cache size - never worry about cache storage or running out of space.

Massive concurrency supporting the most demanding workloads.

Polyglot persistence - scale to the edge across multiple databases.

mysql> select count(*) as n, avg(salary) from salaries;+---------+-------------+| n | avg(salary) |+---------+-------------+| 2844047 | 63810.7448 |+---------+-------------+1 row in set (1.04 sec)
mysql> select count(*) as n, avg(salary) from salaries;+---------+-------------+| n | avg(salary) |+---------+-------------+| 2844047 | 63810.7448 |+---------+-------------+1 row in set (0.001 sec)

Our Global Network

PolyScale provides a low latency edge network designed for speed, availability and security.

Global Points of Presence - automatically distribute database compute and storage wherever its needed.

Connection Pooling to support global scale, serverless edge functions.

High-availability with automatic PoP failover.

Secure as default with encryption, multi-factor authentication and audit logging.


AI Managed Cache

Cache configuration is difficult, let PolyScale do it for you. Our machine learning models provide bespoke cache configuration settings tailored to your query patterns. You control how and to what degree configuration is automated.


Recommendations - PolyScale AI prompts you with the most impactful configurations given historical query patterns.

Optimization - Caching is a trade-off between query result recency and immediacy, PolyScale AI translates the configuration possibilities into these meaningful metrics.

Automation - Close the loop and let PolyScale AI drive your cache configuration. PolyScale AI anticipates and reacts to changes in query patterns on the fly.


Have your Consistency Cake.

Automated cache invalidation, without writing code. PolyScale’s Smart Invalidation automatically inspects database queries for changes (INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE) and globally purges the changed cached data, in real-time.

No Code - Automated cache invalidation, without writing code.

Global Invalidation - changed cached data is automatically invalidated for all Points of Presence globally, in real-time.


Connection Pooling

Using serverless or FaaS platforms like AWS Lambda or Netlify Edge Functions? Dramatically increase TCP connection speeds and concurrency for global ephemeral workloads.


Low Latency Connectivity - Ultra fast TCP connections at the edge.

Massive TCP Concurrency - Support very large numbers of concurrent, ephemeral TCP connections, far exceeding the origin database connection limit.


Real-time Database Observability

See your database in a whole new way. PolyScale provides the tooling to gain at a glance knowledge of query patterns and performance.

Cache Efficiency - View the number and execution times of cache hits versus misses.

Query Templates - Group similar queries and see their collective performance, all while maintaining data privacy.

Anomaly Detection - Know when things aren’t as they should be, and why.


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