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PolyScale Pricing

Serverless pay-as-you-go pricing makes it easy for you to test, build and run in production, at any scale. Pro and Enterprise plans are available for predictable spend and mission-critical workloads.

Serverless PAYG$0.30/ GB

5 GB Free

Egres / Month No credit card required
Serverless PAYG with free forever usage for egress under 5GB per month.
Serverless Pro$99/ mon

375 GB

Egres / Month $0.30 per additional GB
Email support
VPC Peering and Endpoint Services available
Data locality policies

Self Hosted

Pricing upon request
Self hosted & private
2 week free, unlimited volume trial
Custom contracts & invoicing
Overage & volume discounts available
24×7×365 dedicated support available
Annual contract
For pricing, custom packages and volume discounts, please contact us


Ready to customize? Premium support, advanced security, performance, and delivery packages that are tailored for your size and scale.


Chat with an expert and tailor PolyScale to meet enterprise-grade security, scale and support.


Custom Egress Packages

Custom plans for large scale applications based on your requirements. Volume discounts available.


Self Hosted & Private Cloud

Dedicated PolyScale environments or self managed edge nodes for complete network and data isolation.


Premium Support

24x7x365 Premium Support packages with dedicated Technical Account Managers.


Security & Compliance Review

Auditing by security and compliance experts.

Full Feature List

Serverless PAYG
Serverless Pro
AI Platform
AI Cache Management
Query Observability
Smart Invalidation
Global Data
Global Edge NetworkSelf Hosted
Connection Pooling
Data EgressPay As You Go250/GB/MonthCustom
Networking and Security
DeploymentManaged SaaSManaged SaaSSelf Hosted & Private Cloud
VPC Peering / Endpoint-Contact salesContact sales
Email Support
24×7×365 Dedicated Support--
Uptime SLA
Dedicated Customer Success Engineer--
Security & Compliance Review--

Frequently Asked Questions

What is data egress?

Data egress refers to the data leaving the PolyScale network as a result of a query execution. For example, if a query is executed against PolyScale and returns a payload of 10Kb, that 10Kb counts towards the account monthly EGRESS total.

What is serverless pricing?

Serverless pricing refers to a method of providing cache services on an as-used basis. PolyScale offers an on-demand cache, and bills only for egress usage. Serverless makes it easy to run spiky workloads that don’t have sustained traffic. It can handle traffic bursts on demand, without resource planning or management.

Is billing egress rounded?

Yes, egress billing is rounded up or down to the nearest half GB.

Is Serverless billing different from Self Hosted?

Yes, Serverless is billed based on data egress whereas Self Hosted is billed based on the number of SQL queries that pass through PolyScale, per month.