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  Netlify / PolyScale.ai Integration Walkthrough

This webinar provides a hands-on introduction to the Netlify integration with PolyScale. Learn how to easily add a PolyScale cache to your Netlify application all from within the Netlify interface.

Presented By

avatar for Sam AybarSam AybarDeveloper Advocate (PolyScale)
avatar for Ed StephinsonEd StephinsonSenior Software Engineer (Netlify)

Join PolyScale Developer Advocate Sam Aybar and Netlify Senior Software Engineer Ed Stephinson for this hands-on introduction to the Netlify integration with PolyScale.


Netlify Overview – brief introduction to Netlify and how it can help you combine the tools you want to use
PolyScale Overview – brief overview of PolyScale caching and how you can start caching database queries without changing code
PolyScale Live Demo - see how much faster PolyScale can deliver your queries
Netlify / PolyScale Integration Walkthrough - see how you can connect PolyScale to your Netlify project and easily access any of your PolyScale caches from within Netlify
Caching in Action - See a simple example of using a PolyScale cache within Netlify