PolyScale.ai – Extending Google Cloud SQL with the PolyScale Data Delivery Network

Webinar: Accelerating Google Cloud SQL - Faster Data, Lower Costs

Thu, October 19th 09:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 18:00 CEST

If you are interested in faster data and lowering infrastructure costs with Cloud SQL, this webinar is for you!

PolyScale's Data Delivery Network (DDN) uses smart caching to serve high performance database reads. It can be deployed in a few minutes and allows expensive and repetitive queries to be executed at the cache, saving valuable infrastructure resources.

In this webinar we introduce you to PolyScale's Data Delivery Network (DDN) and how it can be used to dramatically lower query execution times, reduce database infrastructure costs, lower global latencies for multi-region applications, and expand access at the edge.

Go from zero to first cache hit, literally in a few minutes, without code or configuration.


Presented By

avatar for Sam AybarSam AybarDeveloper AdvocatePolyScale.ai
avatar for Ben HaganBen HaganFounder, CEOPolyScale.ai
avatar for Jobin GeorgeJobin GeorgeStaff Solutions ArchitectGoogle Cloud


Introduction to Google Cloud SQL - What is Google Cloud SQL?

What is a Data Delivery Network - Learn how PolyScale uses smart caching to improve query performance, reduce latency and cut infrastructure costs.

Using Cloud SQL with PolyScale - A hands-on demo of using PolyScale with Google Cloud SQL - from zero to full implementation in minutes.

We are looking forward to seeing you!